About Jeremy Grubb

I am a self-taught woodworker and artist from Houston, Texas. Woodworking and artistry are often distinguished as two separate entities, yet for me they are one in the same. As an artist my mind soars freely in the creative process; as a woodworker my knowledge and skills instinctively focus on the structure and craftsmanship of my creations. I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my work while keeping it intellectually stimulating. I feel that our intellectual properties are the only thing we truly own and they take us to the one place we can truly be free. It is a privilege to be able to work from that freedom; to bring my creative thoughts into the physical world.

As a child my mother noticed that I enjoyed drawing as well as sculpting with clay. This is what prompted her to enroll me in a children’s art program at the local University. Woodworking is the primary medium I use to express myself, although drawing and drafting are an integral part of the process. Drawing gives me the freedom to instantly express my thoughts and ideas. From an initial sketch I can develop, refine, and branch off of my first concept. This strategy helps to keep me mentally fluid, and the drawings become a storage place much like long-term memory. Not all pieces start with a drawing, however. Some simply inspire work until completion.

Wood is a warm and inviting medium, and it keeps me in direct contact with the natural world. With that being said it is also a very difficult material to work with. The cellular qualities of the wood keep it seemingly as alive in your hands as it is in the forest. Moisture fluctuations promote movement in the wood, as do internal stresses. Accounting for these variables is critical. In my work I use both machines and hand tools. I break down and dimension the pieces with machines, then hand-shape them into masterpieces. Some of my woods are trees condemned to the landfill. I intercept them, and rather than being turned to waste they are milled, dried, and turned to furniture or sculptures.

In my work I am inspired by the beauty of the wood and by all things around me, from nature to man-made objects. My sculptures range from the abstract to natural objects presented in a modern way. In my furniture I look to extinguish the line between function and art. In summation, I offer you inspiration and beauty.

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